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B9Creator™ Wiki Home

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Outdated - for v1.1 and older hardware and v1.6.x  and older software reference only!


A Wiki for the B9Creator™

What is a "B9Creator"?  It is 3D printer that uses a DLP projector to cure a photopolymer (light initiated) resin to construct high resolution 3D objects from 3D model files.

This is the official wiki for the B9Creator.  It is community created, based on personal experiences and collected information from users.

Who can edit it? Anyone with experience with the B9Creator!  Just ask and you'll be given Editor access.





Build Table = Red and Black detachable piece that "initial layer" adheres to. (also contains 4 screws we refer to)

PDMS = Clear silicone layer that prevents each layer from adhering to "Vat". Fragile YET replaceable. It comes with each B9 creator vat but will need replacement occasionally.

Vat = Clear Acrylic vat. Fill with resin. You all get that I hope.

Z-Axis = The UP and DOWN axis. Z-Axis Rod "screw" is critical part.

Vat Sweeper = Stainless steel cross-arm with springs and rubber hose. Crucial for preserving longevity of the PDMS.



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