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Printing Problems


Adhesion Layers not staying adhered

  • Clean the build table. Then put a small amount of uncured resin on the build table.
  • Use a glass rod to smooth the resin onto the table - as thin as possible.
  • Expose to sunlight for 20 minutes or so.
  • The thin layer of hardened resin will NOT come off the build table during printing. The attachment layers will peel off.


Checking a print mid-build

  • To "check your print", hit pause.
  • Note that the print doesn't stop until it reaches the next detach action (when the VAT would normally slide to the right). So it could print a whole layer before stopping.
  • Then use the manual toggle switches to close the vat (move it all the way to the right) and then raise the build table until you can see what you want to see.
  • Then hit resume, it will go back to where it left off and keep printing.

The downside is there will probably be a "layer" artifact in your results where the paused layer looks a bit different.


Factory Reset the Projector

To reset the projector, operate the menu keys in this order MENU, Left, Up, Up, Right

This can help in instances where you have tried all other settings to get the print size correct, or the brightness is incorrect.



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