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official instructions page: http://b9creator.com/B9R1Red.htm

It quickly cures (hardens) by exposure to UV and near-UV light.

  • It is optimized for 75 - 100 micron layers.
  • It is translucent red both cured and uncured.
  • The base UV-reactive resin is a proprietary formula (not even B9Creations knows what's in it).
  • B9R-1-Red resin is 0.3% pigment by mass.

Pigment purchased from http://www.uscomposites.com/pigments.html "AC-RD".

You can buy this resin here: http://shop.b9creator.com/



official instruction page: http://b9creator.com/product/b9r-1-cherry/

It quickly cures (hardens) by exposure to UV and near-UV light.

A general purpose cherry resin for thinner slicing and sharp details.

  • Designed for 50 micron XY resolution setting,
    • Should work for 75 and 100 micron XY as well but not fully tested yet.
  • Pigmented for 25-50 micron layer thickness.
  • When used for lost wax casting applications it may leave trace residue when compared to B9R-1-Red.
  • May be primed and painted.
  • Printed parts may be used to create vulcanized rubber molds.



Lost "Wax" Casting with B9R-1

Background:  De-waxing with steam is a common technique for production casting in that it melts the bulk of the wax from the flask and thus minimizes the possibility of thermal expansion issues. It is effective because most injection and carving waxes tend to liquidize at around 150 deg F.  The B9R-1 resin however, doesn't really melt, it's more like it begins to collapse and then burn and it does it at a much higher temperature than steam, around 700 deg F.


It is important to realize that the B9R-1 material is not "wax". And while casting the material can be done with very little or no modification to a typical "lost wax" casting procedure, its physical properties are really nothing like wax.  

"Plasticast" is the preferred investment for casting B9R-1-Red.  It is very similar to Ultravest, the most popular wax casting investment, but it has slightly different thermal expansion properties. We recommend the 6 hour burnout schedule as indicated on the bottom left of this pdf:   plasticast.pdf



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