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Compile Software

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download MingW 4.40 (the lastest version that work good with qt 4.8.1)

and unzip in C:\Qt\Mingw\ (for example)


download and install qt créator (the last version 2.8.1 works fine but other can work)


download and install qt 4.8.1 MingW from this link :
when ask for MingW location put C:\Qt\Mingw\


Open Qt creator

  • Go to Tools > Options > Compile & Run tab> "Compilers "
  • Click " add" > MinGW . Name the compiler " MinGW 4.4" and specify the compiler path : C:\Qt\MinGW\ bin\g++.exe.
  • Then go to the " Kits" tab.
  • Click "add" (right) and name the kit " Qt 4.8.1 MinGW " for example.
  • In the " Compile" select MinGW 4.4.
  • In the " debugger " click manage > edit and select " GDB Engine " and browse files , binary file requested is in C:\Qt\mingw\pythongdb\python_2.7based\gdb-i686-pc-mingw32.exe (because the version of gdb provided by default with MinGW 4.4 does not work)
  • In the " Qt Version " choose " Qt 4.8.1 "
  • Finally click " Apply"


Download the project from github :


at the right "Download zip"

unzip in the location you want

Open the B9Creator.pro with QtCreator


When you compile the .pro you have few error normally (especially with win7) :

  • OS_Wrapper_Functions.cpp
    • add ligne 52: #define _WIN32_WINNT 0x0501
  • qextserialenumerator_p.h
    • change ligne 53 to 55: 0x500->0x501
  • if you have error with the manifest comment the ligne 209 of B9Creator.pro (other solution??)
    • #QMAKE_LFLAGS += /MANIFESTUAC:\"level=\'requireAdministrator\' uiAccess=\'false\'\"


Normally you can change the qextserialport-1.2beta2 for the 1.2rc but i didn't test yet

  • download the qextserialport-1.2rc from :
  • unzip in the project location and remove the old folder
  • change the B9Creator.pro
    • change ligne 173 : "include(qextserialport-1.2beta2/src/qextserialport.pri)" -> "include(qextserialport-1.2rc/src/qextserialport.pri)"
  • Don't forget to change the ligne 53 to 55 of the qextserialenumerator_p.h





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